Facebook 360 Photos for Estate Agents

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If you haven’t heard of it already, you are likely to have seen Facebook 360 photos while scrolling through your newsfeed.

Facebook 360 is an interactive panoramic photo, which draws you into the scene and makes you feel like you are a part of the experience. It enables you to tilt and rotate your phone to view the scene from all angles and views.

These photos give your audience 360 degree experiences and is a great way to draw in and engage with your audience.

So how can estate agents use Facebook 360 photos?

1) Show off your offices

It’s important to attract people to your business, inspire interest and push for engagement so why not share a 360 photo of your working environment so your audience will be able to see your business from a customer’s perspective.

This sort of photo will make your business feel more real and trustworthy. However, ensure your offices are clean and tidy before posting!

2) Share landmarks or views within your area

As an estate agent you should want to promote the areas you cover. Of course, you want people to move to and buy property within the areas you cover so it is important to show how beautiful it is.

Take Facebook 360 photos of your office location, landmarks within the area, beautiful landscapes or generally anything else that makes the areas you cover more appealing.

This may also help people to locate your offices easier.

3) Interior property teasers

What better way can you help your customers visualise a beautiful living room or bedroom than with a 360 degree photo.

Obviously, don’t post 360 degree photos of every room but if you find a particularly beautiful, unique or creative living space then it is a great way to promote your business and the property as well encourages engagement with your Facebook audience.

But make sure you don’t waste this tool on poor quality or uninspiring photos, only post the most impressive designs.

4) Exterior property teasers

Teasers are great to entice your audience and just like the above; posting Facebook 360 photos of beautiful exteriors will promote and boost engagement.

Beautiful gardens, outdoor features or property exteriors are definitely worth sharing on Facebook and can be brought to life with Facebook 360 images. You can also create Facebook 360 images of the views from the property itself (if the view is anything special).

5) Encourage your audience to share

Finding worthy Facebook 360 photo ideas may prove challenging in certain areas so in order to create a fun and unique image library you could prompt your Facebook audience to share 360 photos of the areas you cover.

If you create a specific campaign hashtag, it will be easier for you to find these images being shared and then share those posts on your Facebook page.


So however you try to incorporate Facebook 360 photos into your Facebook campaign you should definitely use this great tool to boost your Facebook presence, encourage engagement and inspire more shares from your audience.  

Luke Stanley