Essential Social Media Advice For Beginners

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Essential Social Media Advice For Beginners


Taking on social media for the first time can seem a little daunting, especially if you aren’t already familiar with the social platforms. There is a learning curve when it comes to social media and it may take you a while to discover what works for you and what doesn’t.

Here are 5 essential tips to help you grow your social efforts:

1) Start small

At first you should start small, choose one social channel to focus on before you start to branch out. Often, beginners will sign up for every single social network out there, then become too overwhelmed by it all and give up.

Building social accounts for multiple platforms is hard work. The best practice is to start with one, focus your efforts and expand once you become more confident.

2) Look for positive inspiration

We see many estate agent get into social media because their competition is and aim to mimic their social media profiles, however most of the time the competition isn’t using their social channels the right way, which just inspires bad practices.

Instead follow the real experts within the industry as well as social media experts. Find people and businesses who truly understand how to interact and build influential profiles. This way you will learn and grow rather than make the same mistakes as your competition.

3) Don’t annoy your followers

Many estate agents make this mistake simply because they don’t understand how social networks work. The first mistake estate agents make is thinking that social media is just another way to promote and list their properties. However this is a sure-fire way to drive your followers crazy.

Look at it this way; if it isn’t something you personally wouldn’t want to receive then don’t post it.

Social media should be used to improve brand awareness and credibility, try to help your fans with useful information. People are most likely to follow and respect an estate agent that is trying to be helpful, over those who constantly post aimless self-promotions at their fans.

Give people a reason to follow you! You can do this by posting useful articles about the industry or your local area, answering questions and engaging on a personal level.

4) It’s not all about numbers

Many estate agents get caught up in the amount of followers they have, rather than who’s actually following them. It is easy to gain followers who are either bots or people following you in hopes you follow them back but ultimately these followers are completely pointless and won’t help to grow your social efforts.

You want followers that are going to listen and interact. A handful of those followers is worth more than a thousand bots.

It takes time to build up a great social profile and the best way to achieve this is by producing great content and being helpful.

5) Engage with people and businesses in your local area

As estate agents, you want to target people in your local area. By following and engaging with local businesses will help to boost your brand awareness amongst locals. This is a great way to increase your followers. 

Luke Stanley