Does Your Social Media Stink?

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Does Your Social Media Stink?


So you’ve signed up to social media in hopes of driving more potential clients to your website but what happens when people don’t come in the masses like you had hoped?

If you are struggling to draw in followers, get likes and shares and drive traffic to your website  then it is likely that your social media strategy isn't working!

However all is not lost! There are actions you can take to make your social media strategy a success. All you require is some dedication, time and knowledge.

Let’s take a look at your social media campaign - here are some signs that your social media strategy stinks:

1) All you post is properties

We know you want to promote your properties as much as possible but social media isn’t the place for that. No one is interested in every single property you have on the market and you posting them constantly is likely to drive them away. Try to be more social and informative; don’t use social media for property promotion constantly.

2) You only post every now and again

You should try to post at least once a day if not more, social media moves fast so in order for you to keep up you need to post frequently and consistently. At the same time try not to over-post as it may drive your users crazy.

You should also experiment to find out when your users are online in order to gain maximum exposure when you post.

3) You’re posting the wrong content

To gain followers and keep them interested you need to post content and images that they will want to see and read. You don’t even need to use your own content, if you read an interesting article that you think could be beneficial or interest to your follows then post it.

Social media is a great place to share your content as well as other’s thoughts and ideas. Try to share as much as you can with your audience.

4) Having no personality

If you post blunt messages and don’t respond to customer comments or only respond to them with automatic replies your audience may not respond well to it. Using social media properly will help your audience get to know and trust you, as it can make you seem more human and friendly. If all you do is post automatic messages and don’t engage or respond it will make your business look like a robot.


So have you committed any of these social media crimes? If so it is time to rethink and re-strategise. Start a fresh and try to get it right this time. Do some research on what other companies in your industry are doing but be careful you don’t follow in the footsteps of someone who is doing it wrong too. It is important that you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Get to know your audience and discover what they want to find out and learn about you and your industry. 

Luke Stanley