Daily Social Media Checklist

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Daily Social Media Checklist


Using social media to market your business isn’t exactly a new concept for estate agents but is one that very few have had success with.

This is usually due to a misunderstanding of how social media works and how it can benefit you. Most think by simply posting properties onto their Facebook business pages will draw in tons of traffic and fans pouring over these listings; however that is a sure-fire way to failure.

Many of you also aren’t sure where you should start or how to maintain your account once you’ve got it going. So to help you on your way, we have come up with a checklist of things you must do on a daily basis to ensure the survival of your social media accounts.


1) Post something interesting or educational to all of your accounts at least once a day

These days almost all estate agents have at least one social media account, while others may have 3 or 4, however more social media accounts doesn’t necessarily mean better results. If you are unable to keep all of these accounts active then you can’t expect them to be successful.

Staying active is one of the most important things for social media, which means you have to post at least once a day. This could be anything from an interesting article, a picture, a question or even a general comment.

2) Respond to all comments and messages

At the start you may not receive any comments but once your social account starts to become more active and engaging it is important you reply the comments. If you respond fast, it makes you look more professional, leaves your fans feeling positive towards your business and encourages them to leave comments more often in the future.

3) Like and follow others every day

Aim to like or follow at least a couple of pages or people that relate to your business every week. This could be another local business or an industry related page. By doing this, it will encourage others to follow you back and engage with you.  

4) Connect with others

It is important to try to connect to at least one person a day. This may be simply following them on Twitter or commenting on their posts. Connecting to others is vital to your social success.

5) Share other people’s posts

By sharing other peoples content, it will prompt them into sharing your content in return. Having your content shared will expand your reach and help your business to grow as well as improve your relationships with fans and followers online.

If you carry out these simple tasks every day, you will soon begin to see results. Anyone can do these tasks and they take minimal time and effort. If you find it too much to handle, you may need to reduce the amount of social accounts you manage or split the work up amongst your colleagues.  

Luke Stanley