Creating The Perfect Facebook Post

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Creating The Perfect Facebook Post


What is the perfect Facebook post? We are revealing the perfect formula for your Facebook posts to ensure you achieve great results.

Within the article, we are going to highlight the key points that we consider to be the most essential elements of a Facebook post.

Keep in mind that while there may be a perfect structure to ensure the best posts, in order to succeed you must appear natural and apply change to your posts every now and again. If all of your posts follow the exact same structure, it will become very transparent to your audience, which in turn will make you look very robotic.

Here is a list of the best practices you should consider when writing a post:

The basic ingredients for the perfect Facebook post:

1) Include a link

When you include a link into a Facebook post, Facebook will automatically include an image and link description. However, this is not enough. To achieve maximum click-through rates you need to focus on the link, the image and on a strong eye catching call-to-action.

The image is very important as it is likely to be the thing that grabs the users’ attention in the first place. If you follow this up with a strong call-to-action you will ensure maximum engagement.

2) Keep it short

Although you don’t have a limit on characters when posting on Facebook, it doesn’t mean you should waffle on. It is a proven fact that shorter statuses (40 characters or less) receive the most likes and comments. Longer text posts are usually overlook or ignored due to their length so take advantage of short and snappy statuses.   

3) Avoid peak hours

Posting on Facebook at non-peak hours will help your posts to stand out. Most businesses only post within the basic working hours (9am-5pm). We would recommend you try posting on weekends and evenings to help your posts stand out from the crowd.

4) Post on a regular posting schedule

When it comes to social media consistency is key. You should try and post at specific times of day so your audience will expect it. This will not only help you build a loyal following but also encourage you to post more consistently. We would recommend you post at least once a day.

5) Keep up-to-date with trends and current events

In many cases, gripping posts will usually factor in trending topics or current events. This may be industry news, local news or global trends.


Bear in mind that even with the perfect formula for Facebook posts, if you don’t produce decent content to back up the post, you will be wasting your time. Ensure you only share interesting and informative content with your audience. 

Luke Stanley