Converting Social Users Into Website Traffic

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Converting Social Users Into Website Traffic


You can gain valuable website traffic in a number of ways, such as through SEO, content, email marketing, a strong social media strategy or ideally a combination of them all. Many estate agents have found it hard to generate anything of value from social media, despite it being a very powerful tool that helps your brand connect with a wider audience.

But how can you turn your social followers into website traffic?

When it comes to social media, having great content is vital. Social media isn’t just about posting, you need to stay active, deliver what your audience is interested in and engage to create a loyal fan base.

You need to create interesting and useful content that will be valuable to your followers in order to drive traffic to your website.

Here are 5 effective ways in which you can generate more followers and also a lot more traffic through social media:

1) Eye catching images or videos

Social media is a very visual place. Images and videos will stand out amongst content and will be the first thing people see when they view a post on their news feed.

The image should relate to the content but not be dull in order to grab the users’ attention.

2) Bold headlines

Now you’ve got the users attention, it is time to close the deal. An image may not make the user click but a bold, enticing headline will. The headline will make or break your post, so put some thought into it.

Each social network is different so your headlines should be different across each of them. For example Facebook headlines can be longer, Twitter can include hashtags, etc. And always be sure to use link shorteners such as

Bear in mind that you are only limited to 140 characters on Twitter too so make sure you leave room in case one of your followers shares it and want to add their views.

3) Post often

The more great content you produce, the more traffic you will receive. Posting regularly is crucial for a successful social media campaign, if you don’t have time to create a lot of your own content, share other websites content, imagery and videos instead. This way you will ensure your audience keeps following you or lose interest in your channel.

4) Strategically schedule content

You will have to run a few tests in order to determine the most active times to post. Posting at the right time can be the difference between 10 clicks and 100 clicks so make sure you only post valuable content at prime times.

5) Be mobile-friendly

The majority of your followers will be viewing your social media page via a mobile device. So your website needs to be optimised for all mobile devices in order to entice mobile users to click on your posts. Leading mobile users to a non-mobile friendly will only discourage them from clicking on one of your posts in the future.  

Luke Stanley