Building A Social Community

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Building A Social Community


Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses in many different ways. However to achieve a successful social media campaign, you need a solid strategy in place that compliments your goals.

To have a successful social media campaign you don’t necessarily need to build a social community, but it can be one of the best and easiest ways for a local business to grow their business, expand their social reach and we’d recommend it to all estate agents.

Here are 8 tips to help you build a successful social community:

1) Brand consistency

Your social networking branding needs to be consistent with your website. You need to ensure your bio is well written and stays in line with your websites message as well as sticking with the same visuals.

2) Focus on the community

We know you are an estate agency but your followers won’t always want to hear about things regarding the property industry. Remember, you are also a local expert and you should demonstrate this. Inform your followers about what’s going on in the local community and you will be rewarded as this type of content is very shareable.

3) Blog

Blogging/Vlogging has many benefits and it is a great way to build a social community. It enables you to prove you are an industry and local community leader as well as making your business more credible. You should aim to post at least 1 or 2 of your own articles through your social channels each week.  

4) Follow to be followed

This works particularly well with Twitter. Don’t just focus on getting people to follow you, by following people yourself (especially local people and businesses) you can create relationships that can help expand brand awareness through content sharing.

5) Engage

Social media isn’t just about sharing your opinions. To create loyal followers you have to engage with them. Respond to their posts, ask them questions or even ask for their advice. By creating real human connections you can create a real loyal following.

6) Quality matters, not quantity

Never share for the sake of sharing. If you don’t see any value in what you post, don’t post it. You should believe that your post will be of interest or value to the majority of your followers, otherwise what’s the point? Ensure you only post high quality, valuable content that is relevant to your audience.

7) Show personality

By coming across robotic won’t do you any favours. You need to show your followers that a real person is behind your social media account. You need to make your audience trust you. It is important that you stay professional but show off your companies’ personality through your posts.

8) Share!

You need to create or find content in order to have something to share. Sharing is vital for social media and you have to post content regularly to build a social community. Whether it is your latest blog article, local news, industry news or even other peoples blog posts that are relevant to your industry, post it as you should try to share as much as possible! 

Luke Stanley