Boost Your Social Media Efforts

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Boost Your Social Media Efforts


Social media is still one of the most popular areas for marketing your business but many Estate Agents still don’t understand how to use them or which social platforms to use.

What do these stats tell us about how Estate Agents approach social media? 

  • Only 26% of marketers are measuring their social media activities.
  • Only 37% of marketers think Facebook is effective in their marketing, yet it is overwhelmingly the number 1 platform of choice.
  • Only 26% of marketers are optimised for mobile.
  • Blogging and Google Plus are moving up the ladder in future plans for marketers.
  • 90% of marketers still want to know which tactics work best.

It’s clear to see that Estate Agents are interested in social media but don’t necessarily have the experience to gain the full benefits from this type of marketing.

Here are some of the main things to stay focused on when defining your social strategy:

1) Know your goals

Spend time figuring out what you want to achieve from social media. You need to figure out how you are going to use your time on these social platforms as well as what tactics you are going to use to earn more business.

2) Find your audience

Social media platforms vary in popularity with different audiences. It takes a bit of work to understand how your brand can market itself through the right platforms. Remember you can’t be everywhere, only focus on one or two social networks and focus on building your audience from there.

3) Measure your success

Analysing your success is very important, knowing what strategies are working can help to build your audience. Having a firm understanding of how and when you reach your audience lets you see what social efforts are paying off. You should pay attention:

  • Which content is popular?
  • What type of content gets shared the most?
  • What times are best to post?

4) Don’t be afraid to try something new

Social media tools and strategies are constantly changing, as are the users who interact with them. People looking at the property market are constantly searching for information and have lots of places to find it. But don’t just follow the crowd, just because something is working for them doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Luke Stanley