#Blackboard Friday

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#Blackboard Friday

This Friday 22nd August 2014 sees the start of our #BlackboardFriday idea. #BlackboardFriday is a simple, maybe topical, always relevant, perhaps poignant but definitely interesting initiative from our creative team at Resource Techniques.

It boils down the weeks message to it’s very core meaning, to it’s very essence and presents the key point in plain English.

The idea behind the initiative comes from clients, and their often misunderstanding of what we consider obvious. Sadly, modern life, technology and stuff is overly complex, full of jargon, acronyms and techno babble…

So our idea is to take a complex topic and do our best to make it simple to understand.

This will then be graphically presented on a blackboard and posted on our social channels every Friday morning #BlackboardFriday


Troy Stanley