Almost half of Twitter users are silent

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Almost half of Twitter users are silent

Twitter has had no trouble getting people to sign up to their social network as they are now one of the largest and most popular in the world. And it may seem like most twitter users don’t ever shut up but in fact hundreds of millions of Twitter users are completely silent and always have been...

New reports have revealed that 44% of the 974 million registered Twitter accounts have not posted a single tweet, which means 429 million Twitter accounts have never tweeted! However these reports do suggest that many of these accounts may be used by silent stalkers (people who just read and follow others) or have signed up but haven’t come back to use the service since…

The report also said that around 30% of the accounts registered to Twitter have only sent between one and ten tweets since they signed up to the social network and only 13% have tweeted 100 times or more.

Shockingly only around 23% of the registered users posted a tweet at least once last month.

It is currently estimated that Twitter has just under 250 million active users (active users mean the users have logged into Twitter at least once a month), but that doesn’t mean they have to tweet to be considered a monthly active user.

It is clear that many users don’t need to get involved within the conversation to find Twitter useful, but getting these people to tweet will be a challenge for the social giant. 

Are you guilty of silent stalking? Maybe it is time for you and your business to get involved on Twitter! 

Luke Stanley