Add Business Support Hours to Twitter

| Social media

Earlier this year, Twitter allowed a few select brands to inform their customers via their Twitter profiles when they were available for support.

This was only one of 3 new features Twitter said they would be rolling out to all companies in the future and they are now releasing these new features to help Twitter users find businesses that provide support on their social network.

Twitter’s 3 new features are a larger Direct Message Button to ensure people know they have the option to DM the business, a label that tells users you provide help on Twitter (via the search) and a section within your profile that indicates when your support is available.  

If you want to activate these new features, you will have to visit Twitter’s Customer Support Setting Page and tick the two boxes that say ‘Receive Direct Messages from anyone’ and ‘Show that my account provides support’. You will then be able to edit the hours and days in which you are available.

Once activated within the next few weeks when the features are rolled out, Twitter users will be able to see this information.

The 3 new features:

1) Direct Messages

If you take advantage of this feature, you will receive a larger Direct Message button. Twitter has said that this is to make it as clear as possible to your customers that your business will support you via private messaging.

2) Provides Support

You can also display that your Twitter account “Provides support”.

Twitter adds this information to suggestions when people are searching for a business, when you @mention a business in a Tweet or find a business in Direct Messages.

This not only makes your Twitter account stand out but also lets your audience know you are willing to answer any questions they may have.

3) Active Hours

Your Twitter profile can now display the hours and days in which you are most responsive on the social network.

Twitter says that they have allowed for businesses to do this in order to help people set the right expectations for when they are likely to get a reply.


These are 3 very simple features Twitter are offer but definitely worth activating if you are an active Twitter user. 

Luke Stanley