7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Over the past few years, social media has created channels for business of all sizes to excel online. Businesses have discovered hundreds of ways social media can benefit their businesses and bring their online presence greater success. Here are 7 proven benefits for why you should be socially active:

1) Social media increases website traffic

80% of social media users claim that social media is an effective tool in helping generate more traffic to their website.

Facebook generates the highest numbers, with an average of 64% of your Facebook followers visiting Facebook every day. This makes the potential Facebook to website traffic huge.

2) Social media increases brand awareness

All social giants have a huge user base, creating huge potential for any kind of business. These channels create a great chance to increase brand awareness and lead generation, of which on average 78% of small businesses have experienced.

3) Social media generates leads at low costs

Social media marketing can generate valuable leads at a fraction of the cost, compared to more traditional marketing techniques. On average you can save as much as 80% of your lead generation costs with social media.

4) Social media boosts content marketing

For those of you who have taken advantage of content marketing, combining it with social media can increase contents reach by an average of 29.6%.

It has been reported that online users spend as much as 50% or more of their time on websites engaged in various forms of content and 30% of that time is spent on social networks. Be sure to combine the two.

5) Social media creates brand reputations  

Very few people really trust the internet with thousands of shady businesses and ads constantly bombarding us. Creating brand trust is invaluable for online success and social media can help create that.

Social media gives you the chance to interact and engage with users, whereas a static website can’t. On average 63% of people will engage with a brand if they have found out more about them through social media.

6) Social media increases sales

Social media engagement generates larger followings which in turn generates sales from as much as 71% of your followers.

It can also increase sales through promotion. Almost 50% of people trust social media ads or salesy posts more than banner ads or other online advertisement.

7) Social media improves brand loyalty

Social media is so successful because it gives users the chance to engage with brands. Interacting and engaging with your target audience can develop a strong connection with your audience, in turn creating loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

If you are active on social media, on average 53% of brand followers will most likely be loyal to the brand. 

Luke Stanley