5 Ways To Increase Engagement On Social Media

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5 Ways To Increase Engagement On Social Media


To get the most from your social media campaigns you have to encourage engagement and get involved in the discussions.

Amassing a following is one thing but getting the audience engaging with your brand should be your prime goal. And when we say engaging we mean beyond just likes, engagement includes likes, shares, comments as well as clickthroughs and sales.

Getting your audience to engage with your brand isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, however here are 5 tips to help you get your audience engaged:

1) Don’t do it by yourself

Getting the conversation started isn’t easy, so get your employees involved. Content shared by employees receives 8 times more engagement so start getting your staff sharing and commenting on your posts and watch others join in.

2) Get chatting

To drive engagement you must engage. Ask questions, respond to comments, get involved on relevant industry chats and groups, all of this will help encourage your audience to engage.

3) Use hashtags correctly

Don’t use hashtags for the sake of using hashtags. Hashtags are a search function, in other words people will be able to find you by the hashtags you use so do some research and find the hashtags that are relevant to your brand and posts.

4) Post at the right time

This one will take a little bit of testing but obviously you should only post when your audience is most likely to see it.

5) Only post relevant interesting, informative, education and/or entertaining content

The most important part of driving engagement is content. If your content isn’t of any interest to your audience then no one will engage.

Ensure the content you post are relevant to your brand and industry, adds value or answer questions for the majority of your audience, includes visuals such as images and videos and don’t overly promote!


Engagement takes time, so be patient. If you implement these 5 tips constantly then you are likely to see engagement increase over the next 3 months. Remember, people won’t just immediately start chatting to you because you ask questions, so don’t get discouraged if no one responds.

It may take a while but it is definitely worth the investment. 

Luke Stanley