5 Twitter Faux Pas You Need To Stop Doing

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5 Twitter Faux Pas You Need To Stop Doing


If you have jumped on the social wave in order to market and promote your business then you probably already have a Twitter account, along with a Facebook and possibly a Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest account too.

With all these social media platforms to manage, you may find yourself cutting corners to save time but it is still important to avoid those tips and tricks that are more likely to lose you followers than to gain them.

Here are 5 common faux pas that you need to stop doing immediately:

1) You, you, you!

You have signed up to twitter to raise brand awareness and promote your business. We know you don’t want your followers to forget about you but remember twitter isn’t all about self-promotion. To get the most out of twitter you need to share interesting and useful content from around the web with your followers. Avoid posting property links constantly; too many estate agents do this. Your followers will either become immune to these posts and ignore them or simply unfollow.

2) #Hashtag, #Hashtag, #Hashtag

Ok you have figured out what a hashtag is. You know it can help people find you on twitter by appealing to things that interest you; however this isn’t an excuse to use an excessive amount of hashtags on a single post. One relevant hashtag per post is enough.

3) Copy and paste across all social platforms

We know managing all of these social accounts takes time and simply copying your Facebook status and posting it on your Twitter, Google+ and all the rest of them too seems like a quick and easy fix.

To get the most from your social efforts you should give your followers something new and interesting across all your platforms. Why would someone follow you on both Facebook and Twitter if you just post the same things? Give them a reason to follow you!

4) Auto post

Again managing all these accounts takes time and any time saving shortcut seems like a good idea. The problem, people can spot these posts a mile off.

‘@Yourcompany thanks for the follow’ – ring a bell?

These types of posts are less personal and very robotic, two things you want to avoid on social media. Try to connect to your followers on a more personal level.

5) Follow for follow then unfollow

It is common courtesy on twitter to follow someone back if they have followed you but a bad trick to just unfollow them a few days later in order for your business to look more popular than it really is. This type of tactic won’t win you any popularity contest and we’d recommend you avoid it.

Twitter is a social platform. Try to be genuine, sociable and share as much interesting and relevant content as you possible. And overtime you will see the benefits of this. 

Luke Stanley