5 Things Your Facebook Followers Hate!

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5 Things Your Facebook Followers Hate!


When posting statuses to your Facebook business page, it is important for you to know what not to post. If you use Facebook personally and follow certain businesses I’m sure you know what sorts of statuses drive you mad.

If you aim to get the most out of Facebook growing your customers and fan loyalty then here are 5 types of statuses you should avoid:

1) Being too pushy

When posting on Facebook you don’t want to seem too desperate. Don’t ask for likes or for people to comment, if your followers like what you have posted then they will let you know by ‘liking’ it. And by getting genuine likes, this will help you to identify which posts/content your fans actually enjoy and don’t enjoy.

2) Too many posts

Don’t post your statuses back to back! Posting too often will drive your followers crazy (as you are likely to be filling up their news feed) and they are likely to ignore you because of it. If you want to post more than one thing, simply spread it across the day but be sure you are only posting creative and informative content.

3) Only ever promoting yourself

This is very common among estate agents. Facebook is a great tool and should only be used to show users that you are an industry and community expert in order to boost brand recognition and trust. Only talking about yourself, your services, your property listings, etc isn’t going to be of interest your followers and is likely to drive them away.

4) Liking your own posts

We already know you like your own post, that’s why you posted it in the first place. You can like other people’s comments on your statuses and reply by answers through the comments and sharing your thoughts.

Save your likes for other local businesses and they are likely to return the favour.

5) Posting pointless statuses

Don’t post pointless, irrelevant statuses just for the sake of it. All your statuses should have a purpose either to inform, educate or entertain. If you haven’t got anything to post about refrain from posting at all, instead go away and find something of value to post. 

Luke Stanley