5 Social Media Tips For Estate Agents

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5 Social Media Tips For Estate Agents


Social media dominates the internet. The growth of social networks like Facebook and Twitter has had a huge impact on the way businesses market themselves online.

There is no question that social media can be a great tool for online marketing but many estate agents are still trying to get to grips with how they should be marketing themselves through these channels to find success.

So, how can you find success on social media?

Here are 5 great social media tips to ensure you find success:

1) Set up a plan

Most estate agents go into social media blind and unprepared which is why so many social media accounts fail. Most estate agents set up a social media account because they think they should. This leads to accounts that have irregular posts spaced out over weeks or even months that look very unprofessional.

If you want to find success on social media then you need a plan of action.

2) Do your research

Social media marketing isn’t like traditional marketing. Rather than pushing sales, social media provides you with a platform that enables you to spread brand awareness, expand your reach, research your audience, monitor your competition and provide customer assistant.

Don’t use social media channels for pushy sales tactics, they won’t work!

3) Provide valuable information

To find success on social media you need to provide your audience with interesting, educational, fun and/or valuable content. If you have researched your audience and set up a plan you should understand what your audience wants from you.

If you think your audience will want to read it or if you think it will add value then post it.

4) Engage with your audience

It’s called social media for a reason. It is important to be sociable on social platforms, you need to talk to your audience, ask them questions and answer their questions. There are lots of ways in which you can engage with your audience, find out which ones work for you.

5) Don’t annoy your followers

Just because you have followers doesn’t mean you can bombard them with whatever content you want.

If you annoy your audience by being too pushy, irrelevant or just annoying then they aren’t likely to stay fans for very long.

Luke Stanley