5 Simple Steps To Grab Your Audiences Attention

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5 Simple Steps To Grab Your Audiences Attention


In the age of social media, having the ability to grab your audience’s attention is vital to any marketing campaign.

You may have written the best content in the world but if the post doesn’t catch your audience’s eye it may never be read.

Here are 5 simple steps to get your posts to stand out more:

1) Use the right image

Finding the right image that aligns with your post is the essential part to any post on any social media platform.

It must be in high resolution, relevant to the post and stand out which can be achieved through colour for example.

The right image with quality content behind it can achieve great success!

2) Clever call-to-actions

Finding the image is half the battle, but if you want to drive your followers to engage with content you will need to prompt them. Interesting call-to-actions will stand out more on a newsfeed than the simple “click here” or “read more” CTAs.

3) Tell audience exact what they get

Ask yourself, why should your audience click on this link? It is important to clearly state what the value is for your followers to click through. Is there some unique insights, valuable content, a prize? 

Be clear and ensure the call-to-actions clearly represents what your followers can expect when they click so they will be more likely to click on future posts.

4) Create an action

You want people to click on your links, so find out what people want to click on. Studies have found that companies usually see more success on social media when they use interaction content. This could be polls, quizzes or surveys.

Every now and again it may be worth including these types of posts to help your audience engage with your brand.

5) Create a sense of urgency

Nobody wants to miss out on a great opportunity, so by using time-oriented language like “Don’t miss out!” or setting a timeline can also encourage clicks. 

Luke Stanley