3 major changes coming to your Facebook profile

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3 major changes coming to your Facebook profile

Changes coming to Facebook will make it a lot easier to stand out and promote your business. The new changes will help you to present yourself in a different way, enabling for you to get your personality across in a new way.

These changes could have a big impact on how you present your business on Facebook.

Of course, your Facebook profile says a lot about you. Now Facebook have given you the tools to say even more.

Your Facebook business profile allows your audience to find out more about you instantly. They don’t even have to speak to you.

Facebook has now given you even more ways to manipulate your audience’s perception of you. These Facebook updates may not be available to you right now but Facebook are slowly rolling out these changes, which gives you some time to strategize how you are going to use these new features to improve your Facebook profile.

Here are 3 of the more major updates coming to Facebook:

1) No more static images

Currently, your profile pictures are simply pictures however now you will get the option of videos instead. Soon you will be able to create and upload a 7 second video that will play on a never-ending loop. This video will play when people visit your profile.

This is a great way to demonstrate your businesses personality and help you to stand out on Facebook.

2) Taking centre stage

Your profile picture will no longer be on the side-lines, tucked in the bottom left corner of your cover photo, but will now be front and centre.

Currently your Facebook cover picture dominates the page, however now your profile picture/video will be the most prominent thing on the profile.

3) Temporary profile pictures

You will soon have the ability to make temporary changes to your profile picture, which can last an hour, a day, a week or however long you want before automatically changing back to your primary profile picture. This can be used to show when your office is shut, when you have a major event, to celebrate festive holidays or any other temporary event before switching back.

This will be another great way to promote your business and business events that need to be promoted or shared for a short period of time.


These changes will be rolled out to your Facebook very soon so keep an eye out for them and use them to your advantage. 

Luke Stanley