Writing Content To Rank


Writing Content To Rank


The SEO world may always be changing but one thing that always stays constant is the need for content on a website. We have provided you with 5 simple tips to help you create content that will get you ranking:

1. Write for humans, but optimise for robots

Everybody hates reading content aimed towards the search engines, especially the search engines. Google prefers naturally written content as it better for the user.
Focus on writing for your audience but in a way the robots can find your content.

2. Don’t incorporate keyword density

Another SEO myth that keeps cropping up, but in truth there is nothing that indicates that Google prefers a certain amount of keyword density over another.

Of course it is important to use relevant keywords throughout your website but use them in a natural way. Stuffing keywords between your content is more likely to do harm than good.

3. Take advantage of the long tail

The main problem about using generic keywords is that they are highly competitive and difficult to rank for. Long tail phrases have a smaller search volume; however the traffic quality will be higher as the visitors are more motivated and likely to convert.

4. Think about what your customers are asking you

Your customers will probably have tons of questions about your services and many of them may turn to Google first for answers. Provide your customers with content that delivers credible answers and they will be more likely to visit your site

If you provide them with better answers then your competitors, they will be more likely to use your services. Also this is a great way to take advantage of long tail keywords.


5. Title tags and snippets are crucial

Your title tag is one of the first things Google looks at when crawling your site. The title tag and snippet is usually what your audience will see on the search engine results page when searching for your business.

Be sure to include keywords within both of these but don’t make them sound unnatural as it needs to be clickable to your potential customers.