Write Outstanding SEO Content


Write Outstanding SEO Content


SEO and content go hand in hand if you want to up your SEO game. Good content will increase your SEO efforts by creating more appeal to human readers which in turn is what Google are looking for.

So what writing skills do you have to master in order to achieve great creative content which works alongside SEO?

1) Write for humans first but keep the search engines in mind

This may seem a little confusing but if you are writing good, interesting, unique content naturally that offers value to your audience then you are 90% there.

Here’s the remaining 10%.....

2) Write appealing titles

The title of the page or blog post holds a lot more value than you might think, it’s incredibly important if you actually want people to read your content. You need to grab the reader’s attention and draw them in which you can only do with an eye catching title.

And make sure you include a keyword in your title but don’t do it at the expense of the titles clearness and catchiness.

3) Write about something interest and valuable

If you want your SEO to perform well in the search engines then you have to write content that is interesting and valuable that your audience will actually want to read.

You can write about current local/industry news, give them useful tips, address problems or general queries or even take a more creative approach. Whatever you do make sure it is something you would click on and read first, if it’s not then what is the point of writing it? 

4) Clearly laid out

Your content should be laid out in a way that you can easily skim read. In other words keep the paragraphs short, include white spaces, use bullet point or numbered lists and break up content with subheadings.

5) Be keyword smart

Only add keywords if you can do so naturally. Don’t include too many keywords as you may have issues with over optimisation. We would advise you only include one or two keywords within your content.

6) Include internal links

Link your keywords to relevant internal pages, and if it helps or provides value you can even link externally but only to trusted websites.

7) Include a Meta description

Include a short description of the page, highlighting the key points in order to entice the reader. 


Luke Stanley