Why You Should Invest in Local SEO


Why You Should Invest in Local SEO


SEO is essential for every estate agent as it helps potential customers find your business wherever they are. Today’s consumers are more tech savvy and want information faster. If you can’t be found online then you will be missing out on lots of potential business.

Why do you need local SEO?

1) More local visibility

With mobile search continuing to grow, more and more people are searching for local businesses via mobile devices. Local SEO dominates the top 3 spots on Google’s search results page which is of course prime real estate as it is the most visible and also most likely to be clicked.

2) Local listings provide previews

Local listings provide your audience with exactly what you want, giving them the perfect preview into who you are and where you are based. The listings include your company name, what services you provide, your office location, directions to your office, reviews, a phone number, opening hours and if they want to view more a link to your website.  

All this information is very important to potential customers and means they are more likely to get in contact with you or visit your website especially if you have positive reviews.

3) Drives more traffic

Local listings are more relevant to the search and with more visibility means more people will click to view your website, which in turn will lead to more enquiries and more potential sales.  

4) Enhancing your reputation

Of course having testimonials on your website is a good thing but they aren’t very reliable as there is no proof you didn’t write them yourself.

Google Plus allows its users to review a business and as you have to have a Google account to leave a review it generally gives them more authenticity. Authentic reviews will help build your businesses reputation and help you rank higher.  

5) Local SEO draws in the right crowd

As an estate agent, you don’t want to waste your money drawing the wrong audience. Obviously you want to target local customers that are likely to want to use your services at some point, rather than those who live half way across the country. Local SEO focuses only on the areas you cover which means you will only be drawing in people who have searched specifically for estate agents in your area. 

Luke Stanley