Why SEO is an ongoing service


Why SEO is an ongoing service

Why is SEO for estate agents an ongoing process? To explain this, you first need to understand how a search engine works. 

How does a search engine work?

A search engine breaks down a website, gains the information, crawls each individual page, analyse it then indexes the page. Its algorithm picks up on thousands of different signals then ranks the website in order of the most relevant, trustworthy and established for the chosen keyword.

Search engines have been around since 1990. Over the years they have greatly evolved and continue to do so. Even within the last 3 or 4 years, search engines have changed an awful lot. Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm every year, which means almost every day Google may change the way it crawls the web, retrieves information or indexes the pages. It may even change the value of certain ranking factors in order to achieve better results for its searchers.

Why does Google change their algorithm so much?

Google strives to deliver the best results for their customers (meaning us), they are also at a constant war with people trying to cheat and abuse the system. They are constantly working to give you the best results by constantly optimising on the performance of the search engine meaning that we constantly need to optimise our own websites for SEO.

Why do the results have to change?

Just because a website may be deemed as the most relevant, trusted and established website today doesn’t necessarily mean that website will be the best result for the user tomorrow. The way we search changes constantly, for example once upon a time you may have just searched for specific words like ‘Estate Agents’ but these days we want more accurate results for our searches which led to long-tail keyword recognition. People these days tend to ask Google questions as they are searching for answers, they are also looking for more area specific phrases. This means we have to optimise our websites accordingly, for example instead of optimising for ‘Estate Agents’ you should now optimise for more of a long tail keyword like ‘Estate Agents in Taunton’.

In order to continue to achieve high rankings, it is clear that we need to optimise our website for search engine rankings. We have to adapt to how our users search, keep up with usability requirements and make sure we provide the search engine with the fuel they need to rank our website highly.

If you fail to maintain your SEO efforts, your rankings will drop considerably.

It is important for you as a website owner to understand the factors and significance of these factors in connection to your SEO efforts. Keep up with the forever changing Google algorithm and change your website with it accordingly. Make sure you don’t fall behind.

Being found through the search engines is crucial and will result in a huge chunk of the traffic to your website. Everyone wants to rank page one position one for their chosen keyword but this requires time and effort to achieve it. 

Luke Stanley