What You Can Do To Make Google Trust You?


What You Can Do To Make Google Trust You?


There are hundreds of different reasons why your website might not be at the top of Google. Google’s algorithm uses thousands of metrics when it comes to ranking your website, however your positioning in Google is largely down to trust.

If Google doesn’t trust your website or trusts your competition more than you then you simply won’t reach that top spot in the search engines.

So how can you get Google to trust you more?

Here are 10 ways in which you can increase your trust in Google’s eyes:

1) Produce high quality content frequently

Google loves fresh, original, high quality content! Google determines the quality of your content by how much your audience likes it so you need to be creating content that is of interest or value to your audience. Prove you are an expert within the industry as well as the local area by creating a blog. You don’t have to post every day, as long as it is high quality content and posted regularly (we’d recommend once a week), then it will look good to Google.  

2) Push for more reviews

Reviews, for obvious reasons give Google more reason to trust your brand, especially if those reviews are posted on your Google My Business page.

3) Don’t neglect outdated content

This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised by how few estate agency websites actually update their content. All your contact details need to be kept up-to-date and not just on your website. Ensure your details on all dictionaries are also correct.  

Also ensure you remove any properties or promotions that are no longer available from your website.

4) Avoid errors on your website

Just like keeping your website updated, you’d be surprised about how many estate agency website have multiple errors throughout them. Poor grammar and coding errors are very common and for obvious reasons will make Google trust you less.

5) Fix broken links

Over time content becomes outdated and so do links. Pages disappear, URLs change or other websites get updated. This can result in broken links and if not fixed just shows Google that you don’t update or monitor your website enough. Broken links will send your users to dead pages which is terrible for the user experience.

6) Obtain more links

Backlinks may not be as important as they once were but they still play a crucial role in creating trust. Keep in mind; it is no longer about quantity but quality.

7) Clear contact information

Your contact information needs to be clear; if you are hiding valuable information it makes Google suspicious, resulting in a decline in trust. Ensure your address and phone number is clearly visible on your website. Your contact information should also be consistent across the internet, including directories.  

8) Get social

An active social media presence is a strong indicator of a trusted brand.

9) Make sure your website is secure

SSL certification won’t only put your customers’ minds at ease but also give you a one up over your competition too. A safer website means a more trusted website.

10) Follow Google’s guidelines

It is crucial you stay within Google’s guidelines; don’t try to manipulate Google by using black hat SEO techniques. This will only land you in more trouble. 

Luke Stanley