What makes for great SEO


What makes for great SEO

Most estate agents believe SEO is purely title tags, Meta data and key phrases; however SEO is now much more sophisticated and requires a more full-on approach.

In the early days on SEO, tricking and abusing the search engine algorithms would go a long way but these days as the search engines are a lot smarter, a more ethical approach needs to be taken, meaning your strategies need to be clear, honest and truly benefit your audience.

Tell a story

Search engine robots have vastly evolved and now interpret your content very differently. In fact, they can actually read textual and even some visual content. They even analyse the site architecture in order to make sure the flow of web pages are practical.

From this they understand the structure of your website and will read it like a story. If there are any gaps or irrelevant link structuring, it may have an impact on your search return performance.

The importance of sharing

It is vital that you take care when structuring your entire website. Most estate agents only focus on the creation of individual pieces of their website, however when your website is crawled by the search engine everything is examined include the content structure, Meta data, tags, link structuring and navigation.

More effort is required to meet the increasing website performance standards. Your website needs to be well structured, easily accessible and have high quality content. This content needs to be the kind of content people want to share, as shared content is detected by Google and will improve your search rankings.

Be accessible

Google is constantly looking for great content which is easily accessible in a logically structured web environment. You need to have an accessible website, with a brilliant user experience to ensure maximum visibility within the search engine results.  

Be helpful to be seen

Your website needs to be full of helpful, informative and education content. You should always try to provide your audience with the best, most up-to-date information. Don’t be hesitant to link to helpful sources even if that means directing them away from your website. If you think it will be helpful to your audience, do it.

Search engines will reward websites that provide the best experience to their users with better visibility. A great user experience will be rewarded by visitors as they will return again and again.

Googles robots don’t necessarily see your website and content as humans do but they do know what’s right and what’s wrong in a pretty human way. Don’t underestimate the search engines! 

Luke Stanley