What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?


These days, users expect websites to load almost instantly on all devices, but especially on mobile. However, mobile websites tend to take several seconds to load which can cause numerous problems. On average, 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, so it is important to reduce the time it takes to load your webpages as much as possible.

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs aim to load webpages instantly on mobile. It does this by completely stripping out all the fancy design in favour of speed! In other words, the webpage will be completely basic and only really consist of the important content to enable the pages to load almost instantly. This makes it ideal for blogs and news article pages as the content is the primary focus.

Not only are AMPs great for the user but Google is also pushing it hard for blogs and news sites. Google gives Accelerated Mobile Pages prime real estate within Google’s mobile search results.

Google has stated that later this year all websites that created Accelerated Mobile Pages will have expanded exposure within Google’s mobile search results.  

This means any websites that is serious about their blog or news content should definitely incorporate and support AMPs to gain as much exposure as possible. 


Luke Stanley