Video Content Will Dominate In 2017


Video Content Will Dominate In 2017

If you are active online you will have noticed video is everywhere now. It is estimated that video will account for 74% of all website traffic next year and by 2019, it will have grown to 80% of all web traffic.

Video marketing is proven to provide higher rates of engagement than text content, is more effective in grabbing the users’ attention and keeping it, as well as will help to improve your overall SEO.

By using video within your content, it can actually give you more than a 50% chance of ranking on the first page of Google.  

This information should be enough to inspire you to add video to your marketing strategy next year but if it hasn’t, here are 10 more stats that will show you why video is essential to any marketing campaign and why it will dominate the web in 2017:

1) 55% of internet users view videos online daily.

2) 78% of internet users view online videos at least once a week.

3) 33% of tablet owners watch at least an hour of video on their tablets daily.

4) 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily.

5) 85% of Facebook videos are watched with no sound so ensure you include subtitles or content within all videos.

6) 10 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat every day.

7) Surprisingly, 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter.

8) By simply using the word ‘video’ within your email marketing it will increase click-through rates by up to 65%. Click-through rates can increase by up to 300% when a video is included within the email itself.

9) 52% of marketers believe video provides better brand awareness for their campaigns.

10) 45% of marketers believe video marketing provides better lead generation.

Video is loved by so many due to it being considerably more visually appealing and a lot easier to digest than just text content. People are also a lot more likely to remember visual content so if you really want your message to stick in your audiences’ minds use video! 

Luke Stanley