Tried And Tested SEO Proven To Work


Tried And Tested SEO Proven To Work


Everyone wants to be number one for their chosen search term but with the search engines constantly evolving it can be difficult to know how to achieve this. What makes people even more confused is the amount of misinformation out there; however, the easy solution to this is to stay well-informed of changes by reliable industry experts and Google itself.

For those of you that haven’t been keeping up with all the latest SEO practices, here is a list of SEO strategies that will increase traffic and sales from your website:

1) Be mobile-friendly

This should be a top priority for every estate agent. Mobile is the dominating force behind search and mobile-friendliness is now a ranking factor within Google, meaning if you have a non-mobile friendly website you will be scored down within the search engine results.

2) Build fewer but better links

Links have always been major ranking signal for Google but it has never been more important to build high quality links then now. Links from trusted, relevant websites are a hundred times better than links from poor, unrelated sites.

3) Don’t focus too much on rankings

SEO has evolved and obsessing over rankings isn’t what SEO is about anymore. What’s the point of ranking highly if those keywords aren’t being searched for or aren’t delivering any decent leads? Instead it makes much more sense to track your return on investment metrics. You can rank page one, position one for several keywords but do those words really generate leads?  Today, SEO is more about generating traffic and leads rather than simply rankings for a phrase.


HTTPS (which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is simply a secure method of exchanging web info) has become a ranking factor meaning websites that use HTTPS receive a minor ranking advantage. To get this you need to get an SSL certificate which isn’t free but it is definitely worth looking into.

5) Focus on the user’s intentions

In the past Google used to simply match keywords to pages, however since the Hummingbird update it now considers context and user intent. This means all your content should contain conversational keyword phrases that your potential clients are likely to use when they search for your services.

6) Improve site speed

As you already know, website speed directly affects the user experience. The speed in which your website loads can increase or decrease your conversion rate drastically. The loading speed of your website will have an impact on search rankings as it is a major ranking factor. Use Googles website speed to tool PageSpeed Insights to test your site to ensure it is up-to-scratch.

Luke Stanley