Top Local SEO Ranking Factors


Top Local SEO Ranking Factors


A recent study has examined local SEO factors in great depth, analysing over 200 factors of 100,000 businesses to figure out what really matters when it comes to local search within Google, and the study showed that reviews are critical.

Here are the study’s findings:

Google My Business

Reviews are a crucial ranking factor which Google has already said but they are still only one factor. To achieve a high ranking position, having a keyword you are trying to rank for and the city you are based in within reviews have shown a connection with high rankings local listings.

Engagement is also seen as a positive ranking factor, this includes adding photos and hours, and replying to reviews.


When it comes to traditional SEO for organic search, links are a major ranking factor and it appears that links do pull some weight when it comes to local SEO too.

Third Party Reviews

The study showed a decline in importance of third party reviews but citations and reviews on third party websites still held some value.

It’s important that all your listings on other website are synchronised, especial your company name (branding), office address and telephone number.

Your Website

If you rank well within Google organic search, you are more likely to appear within Google’s local search. So don’t neglect your website!

Including Obvious Ranking Factors

Most businesses that performed well within Google local search have basically optimised their website, including optimised meta tags and making sure their website is fully mobile-friendly.

These factors seemed to have a noticeable impact on local search.

Luke Stanley