Top Google Searches 2016


Google has revealed the most popular search terms of 2016, and “Euro 2016” claimed the top spot for the UKs top trending term of the year.

The European football championship was followed by the popular augmented reality app ‘Pokemon Go’ and the late David Bowie.

However, Pokemon Go was the most popular global search term followed by the iPhone 7 (which surprisingly didn’t make the UK top 10 list) and then President-elect Donald Trump.

Here is the top 10 list of both the UK and the Global top trending search terms of 2016:

Google UK top trending searches of 2016:

1) Euro 2016

2) Pokemon Go

3) David Bowie

4) Donald Trump

5) Prince

6) EU referendum/Brexit

7) Alan Rickman

8) Olympics

9) US election

10) Deadpool

Google global trending searches of 2016:

1) Pokemon Go

2) iPhone 7

3) Donald Trump

4) Prince

5) Powerball

6) David Bowie

7) Deadpool

8) Olympics


10) Suicide Squad

Google also broke down the most popular search queries into topics, giving us a further insight into the mind of Google users over the last 12 months.

Of course, Pokemon was on a lot of people’s minds and took the top spot for the most popular “What is…?” and “How to…?” questions of 2016 with “What is Pokemon Go?” and “How to play Pokemon Go”.

Conor Mcgregor, the Ultimate Fighting lightweight champion, was the most searched famous male of 2016, and Prince Harry’s new girlfriend Meghan Markle was the most searched famous woman.

Deadpool was the most searched movie and Strictly Come Dancing ranked number 1 for TV.

The iPhone 7 was the most searched device, whereas Sky Q was the most popular non-smartphone product. 

Luke Stanley