The safest and cheapest ways to drive traffic to your website


The safest and cheapest ways to drive traffic to your website

Getting people to visit your website is obviously crucial to the success of your online campaign. However, that is easier said than done. With so much competition both old and new, it can be hard to get people to visit your website.

Here are 5 free ways to help you boost traffic to your website:

1) Target the Right Keywords

Not getting the traffic you had hoped for? It is possible that you are optimising for the wrong keywords. The best strategy isn’t necessarily aiming for the keywords with the most traffic. The best strategy for small businesses is to aim for more long-tail keywords, this means there would be less competition but have the potential to drive low quantity but high quality traffic to your site.

If you are optimising for several of these long-tail keywords you are likely to receive a decent amount of traffic, compared to trying to optimise for a more competitive keyword and not being found.

Remember it’s not about quantity of traffic but quality.

2) Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are commonly overlooked. A Meta Description is the short description that shows up underneath the link to your site on a search engine results page. If you are ranking highly for your chosen keywords but still aren’t getting that much traffic, it is likely because your Meta Description isn’t appealing enough.

3) Monitor and Analysis

Google offer two free yet very useful tools that can help you to optimise your website and discover faults and issues your website may have.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools can provide you with very valuable information about your website and audience. Don’t let this data go to waste!  

4) Quality Content

This is definitely one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. By producing great, high quality content you are giving people a reason to visit your website. It isn’t a quick fix and isn’t likely to see thousands of people flooding to your website overnight, but over time it can lead to loyal followers, consistent traffic and help you to achieve higher rankings within the search engines.

5) Go Social

Again this isn’t an overnight fix and does require a lot of time, patients and effort before you will see any big gains. But once you have built up a decent fan base on social media, it is a great platform to be able to reach a large group of people quickly and easily. 

Luke Stanley