SEO for estate Agents - Boost your Domain Authority


SEO for estate Agents - Boost your Domain Authority

Domain Authority carries a lot of weight for SEO. It is a combination of factors that is calculated into a score out of 100 to determine the strength of your website. The factors include the number of total links and linking root domains to your website,  the page rank and trust rank. Domain Authority measures the strength of the entire domain including the subdomains not just one page of your site.

The better the Domain Authority the higher you will rank, so here are some great ways to increase your score:

Link building

Most website owners only think about linking back to their homepage, ignoring the internal pages of the site. All of your web pages need to have strong links. However avoid low quality links as they won't do you any favours, remember it isn’t about quantity but quality.  

Be sure to keep checking your inbound and outbound links to ensure they aren’t spammy or broken.

Link building isn’t just about drawing links to your site but also internally linking. Internal linking especially with good anchor text will benefit you in the search engines.


Content is king, your chosen keywords need to be within the content on your site and not just on the homepage.

High quality content is a must, you want people to stay on your website for as long as possible and delve deeper so adding in fresh and unique content regularly will encourage them to do so. You can do this easily by adding articles within your blog. Remember the content needs to be good enough to be clicked and shared by your viewers.

On-site SEO

Your on-site SEO needs to be done correctly and optimised. Title tags, H tags, site architecture and the navigation all need to be great before you can expect to see a high Domain Authority.

On-site SEO should be done at the initial stages of your website build so it is important for you to check that it is up-to-scratch.


Remember building your Domain Authority isn’t an overnight job and involves consistently updating and monitoring your website. Focus on the points above, but be patient, authority comes with age. 

Luke Stanley