SEO Factors That Affect Rankings


SEO Factors That Affect Rankings


SEO changes over time to suit the people’s needs and how they search. Google’s search algorithm is in place to please the people, so each year it has to adapt to current online and technology trends.

Here are the SEO trends that are likely to impact your rankings in 2019:

1) Mobile-First

Mobile is the most popular way to search and Google knows this. This is why they favour websites that are mobile-friendly and now ranks websites based on the mobile version of the site over the desktop. 

2) Long content won’t be as popular

Content is still king, but for a long time search engines have favoured lengthy pages of content. However, today’s internet user are a lot less patient which means this type of content is likely to fall out of favour thanks to the likes of Snapchat and YouTube.

Information through visuals and videos will become more important and Google will make the relevant modifications to accommodate it.

3) HTTPS will be ranked higher

Google already gives secure sites a bit of an SEO boost, due to the fact that people feel safer when they see HTTPS next to a domain name.

We expect that Google will give these sites a significant boost in the future.

4) Voice search

Voice search is becoming more popular with the likes of Siri and Cortana having become a lot smarter.

This means searches in the future are likely to be a little more conversational, so it’s important that your keywords follow suit.


Changes are an inevitable part of SEO and with technology advancing so quickly, search patterns will change which will force SEO trends to change at a more rapid pace than ever before. It’s important that all website owners stay up-to-date to stay ahead of the competition. 

Luke Stanley