‘Not Secure’ - Almost 2/3 of Users Would Leave The Site Instantly


‘Not Secure’ - Almost 2/3 of Users Would Leave The Site Instantly


According to a new UK survey, a considerable amount of website users is put off when they see a “not secure” warning message on the site. 

Since 2014, Google has used HTTPS as one of their many ranking signals but as of last year, Google has marked non-HTTPs sites in Chrome as “not secure”.

The survey findings were:

  • Only 47% of the respondents sort of knew what the warning meant.
  • 46% said they would not enter their name or financial information into a site that was not secure.
  • 14% feared their device was exposed to a virus.
  • 12% thought they had arrived on a fake version of the intended site.
  • 9% thought the content was unreliable.
  • A massive 64% said they would leave the site instantly.

In general, the survey found that the perception of brands was negatively impacted by the “not secure” warning and although there were some exceptions, the concerns above suggest that you are likely to lose out if your website has that warning on it.

Why does HTTPS matter?

If the report is anything to go on, can you really afford to lose out on over half of your potential customers due to their fears and concerns over how safe they are online? HTTPS not only boosts the confidence of your visitors but also helps you to achieve better rankings within Google.

Luke Stanley