New Google App for local businesses


New Google App for local businesses

Estate agents will be able to take advantage of Google’s new app, enabling them to drive more customers to their website and offices.

Google has just released their new and improved Google Local app to allow business owners to manage their Google Local Businesses accounts, which is vital to local search across organic search and Google Maps.

The old app allowed you to:

  • Manage multiple locations from one dashboard.
  • Update business name, address, and hours.
  • Manage and respond to customer reviews.
  • Post updates and photos to Google+.
  • Monitor high-level analytics on visibility, engagement, and audience to understand how people are searching for your store information.

Google’s new redesigned app allows you to do all the above as well as:

  • Manage locations open 24 hours.
  • Draw city, postal code, or radius zones for businesses that serve limited/specific areas.
  • See how your business is represented in Google search, Maps, and Google+.
  • Monitor analytics on Google+ post performance.
  • Get more detailed feedback on location information.

Android obviously will be the first to get this new update and is available on Google Play. However, Google will also be releasing this app for iOS which will be available within the next week or so.

Both apps are free to download.

This new Google My Business app also integrates with Google Analytics and YouTube allowing you to interlink the data, helping you to manage the local information updates, monitor performance and post new content easily while you are on the go.

All estate agents should consider downloading these apps as it makes monitoring and managing your local search easier and faster.

The new interlinks update will make it easier to view all 3 apps without having to switch between the apps, making accessing the information so much simpler. 

Luke Stanley