Marketing stats that will make you rethink your marketing campaigns


Marketing stats that will make you rethink your marketing campaigns

When it comes to online marketing many of us, especially estate agents hold it in low regards compared to other marketing strategies.

Of course you want to rank page one, position one for your office location and have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter but without the proper knowledge, dedication and budget you are unlikely to achieve any great results from online marketing campaigns.

If you are still stuck in the past, unsure whether online marketing is for you or not then check out these statistics and they will show you how important online marketing is for your estate agency website.

Here are 12 statistics that will hopefully change your mind:

1. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. If you aren’t ranking on page one for your chosen keyword, you are likely to go unseen by your audience.

2. 81% of businesses consider their blogs to be an important asset. A company blog can generate huge amounts of traffic to your website which in turn is likely to boost your sales and rankings within Google.

3. 73% of adults online use social media, 42% use multiple social networking sites. It is important to market your business where your customers are. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities.

4. 80% of web users ignore paid adverts as they don’t believe them to be the best results. Instead they look down the page for the first organic results. Don’t rely on paid ads!

5. 50% of buyers use a combination of search and social media to make a decision on whether to use the business or not. It is important to keep your website and social accounts up-to-date and informative. Ensure your online presence outperforms your competition.

6. 41% of businesses are winning customers by using social media.

7. 30% of people say they use social media to eliminate brands. It is important for estate agents to ensure their social accounts are regularly managed in order to make them look more professional, friendly and human.

8. 31% of people use social media to get other people’s opinions on a business. Try to get as many positive reviews on your social media accounts as possible.

9. 28% of people use social media to find out more about a brand and their services.

10. Google+ has the highest impact on SEO rankings.

11. If you provide your Google+ ID while posting on a blog, you will help to establish author rank, as well as Google giving you credit for writing an article.

12. People say that the quality and depth of information from a website and social media accounts as the main reason they use a business.  


It is vital to any online marketing campaign that an estate agent should focus their efforts towards SEO and Social Media. These channels will not only help you to be found and seen but will create many business opportunities and increase sales. 

Luke Stanley