Keywords That Increase Relevant Traffic To Estate Agent Websites



Search engine optimisation (SEO) and estate agent website design go hand in hand. When creating a visually impressive website that stuns your audience, estate agents and website designers must also consider the keywords that they will use to draw people onto the website, otherwise your beautiful website will go unseen.

For estate agents that are unsure, SEO is the process of working on a number of factors to help a website appear higher in the search engine results. There are several ways of making sure that your estate agent website performs well and achieves a higher ranking in Google, and one way is your choice of keyword.

These keywords will be used by search engines to help them analysis your website to determine what phrases you will appear for in the search engine results. Your position is determined by hundreds of factors within Google’s algorithm, however your choice of keywords could help you rank higher, as well as drive the most relevant users to your website.

Therefore, estate agents need to really think about what people will search for when looking to buy or sell a property.

These days, local search is crucial for estate agents to drive relevant traffic to their website which in turn will lead to real business. With eight out of ten people moving within a five mile radius of their current property, most property searchers will include the area that they want to move to within their search term.

You should consider using these keywords to ensure your website is landing in front of potential customers’ eyes within the search engine results:

  • Estate agents in (your office location)
  • Properties for sale in (your office location)
  • Houses for sale in (your office location)
  • Letting Agents in (your office location)

“Estate agents in” and “Letting agents in” will appear in Google as a local search as well as an organic search so it is important that you rank highly in both. If you are interested in ranking highly in the local search listings, here’s our helpful local search guide.

There are many keywords to consider when writing content but the above will drive the most relevant and targeted traffic to your website which will produce the best results for your business.

Keywords aren’t necessarily a ranking factor but by choosing the right keywords and phrases it will only make your SEO efforts more worthwhile and rewarding. 

Luke Stanley