Improve Your Blogging


Improve Your Blogging


Being able to write a successful blog takes time and effort. You need to create informative, intriguing content that keeps your audience coming back to your website time and time again.

But what really is the key to a successful blog?

Here are the 5 things everyone should know before they begin to write a blog:

1) The power of titles

The title is difficult to get this right for every one of your readers but it can make or break your article (in more ways than one) so it requires some careful thought and definitely shouldn’t be rushed. It will have an impact on whether it will be found within the search engines and it will also be the reason someone clicks to view the article in the first place. Be sure to consider this before publishing.

2) The importance of layouts

A well written article can be destroyed by how it is structured. People online tend to scan through content, by writing your articles in lists will ensure your audience can read the article easily. From experience, list articles will almost always get more attention.

3) Be as original as possible

It may seem obvious to write your own content but many turn to other blogs to provide their content for them (by simply copying and pasting it to their website making it look like their own). By doing this you will lose all the SEO benefits.

People like to read articles that have something unique, creative and/or educational to say. Don’t always rely on others to come up with ideas for you.

4) The impact of great imagery

Within every article provide visuals. Content alone never looks very appealing to the user. Try to include at least one image within each article to grab the user attention. By including good imagery within your articles you will improve the chances of a higher click-through rate to your blog posts.  

5) Don’t rely on word based content

When I say blogging, people automatically think long text based articles. However the most successful articles usually include other types of content such as imagery, videos, infographics and other different types of graphs. Use them to back up your content and create a better reading experience for the user. 

Luke Stanley