How To Gain Google Reviews


How To Gain Google Reviews


Google reviews are a major factor for local SEO (which is what you need to focus on to achieve those top 3 positions in Google). With this in mind, learning the best ways to gain reviews should be top priority for any estate agent who wants to dominate the search engines and outshine their competition.

Not only will gaining reviews boost your SEO and visibility but it will also entice more customers and help them to make informed decisions based on information that they can actually trust. Here are 4 simple ways to get your customers to leave reviews on Google:

1) Ask your customers

This may be obvious, but it is rarely done. Simply remind your customers to leave feedback on Google. You can do this in person, on the phone or by email.

Customers already understand how important reviews are to your business, so as long as you provide them with a great service, they won’t be annoyed if you ask for a review.

The best ways to encourage customers to leave reviews is by a follow-up email, a newsletter or call-to-actions on your website.

2) Make it easy for them

People don’t tend to leave reviews of their own accord unless they have had a negative experience. This is why you have to make it easy for your customers to post reviews otherwise you won’t get them. Make the process simple, email them a direct link to your Google Plus reviews page and explain how they can leave a review.

3) Dedicate a page to reviews on your website  

Ensure your website displays high quality reviews on a dedicated testimonials page with a call-to-action that encourages other customers to leave reviews.

4) Social media

You have worked hard to build a loyal following on social media, so why not use these channels to help build reviews. Simply send out posts with call-to-actions prompting your followers who have used your services to voice their opinion of your services and business on Google.

Whatever way you go about encouraging customers to leave reviews, ensure all your colleagues are on board with your efforts.

Google reviews will benefit your business in many ways so don’t forget to encourage all customers to leave positive reviews!  

w to reach the top by acquiring reviews......

Luke Stanley