Half Of All Websites Now Use HTTPS


Half Of All Websites Now Use HTTPS


Good news, the internet is becoming a little more secure.

Today, the average amount of encrypted web traffic has finally surpassed the average amount of unencrypted web traffic according to Google and Mozilla.

Both the companies have reported that at least 50% of web traffic from their browsers is encrypted with HTTPS, which is a secure internet protocol that helps to protect users from malicious software, tracking and other tricks that can be used against you to steal your personal information.

This means that you are more likely to see a green padlock next to the sites URL when visiting a website.

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Companies like Google have been encouraging a wider implementation of HTTPS for years, even giving websites that use HTTPS a small ranking boost within their search engine. However the transition from HTTP to HTTPS has been pretty slow.

Google Chrome, Firefox and most of the major web browsers prominently display that websites are secured with HTTPS, which helps to make people aware that they are using a secure website.

Despite the fact that it has been a slow transition to securer HTTPS protocols, this is still a huge milestone for the security of the internet. 

Luke Stanley