Googles sends out warnings to non-mobile friendly websites


Googles sends out warnings to non-mobile friendly websites

For those of you who manage your own Google Webmaster account, you will already know about Googles warnings, however those who don’t, Google has recently began sending out notifications via email and Webmaster Tools warning websites that aren’t mobile-friendly from now on will be ranked down within Google search results for smartphone users.

Google hasn’t sent out notifications before regarding the importance of having a mobile-friendly website but this is the first time they are letting webmasters know not having a mobile-friendly website will have a negative effect on their Google rankings.

Even if your website passes the Google mobile-friendly test, it may still be flagged up on mobile usability issues as many mobile websites aren’t fully mobile optimised due to the fact they are just a scaled down version of the main website.  

With mobile websites also being flagged up with mobile usability issues, having a responsive website will be the best way to go to ensure you won’t be penalised by Google for not having a full mobile-friendly website in the future. Google has made it very clear for quite a while that responsive web design is their favoured web design practice.

Google has suggested within their warnings that the algorithm that they are going to implement will have a negative effect on all non-mobile friendly website in the near future for mobile search.

We aren’t sure when Google will implement this new algorithm but due to them sending out mass scale warnings, we would guess this may be very soon.

So if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, now is the time to act before your rankings take a dive.

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, here is the Google warning sent out over the last week to those websites that aren't mobile-friendly… 

google warning.jpg


Luke Stanley