Google’s Most Searched 2018


Google’s Most Searched 2018


Google has published its “Year in Search 2018” report that reveals what we have all been searching for this year, and it’s no surprise that the biggest sporting event of the year topped the UK and Global results.

The list usually comprises of celebrities, events, movies, sports, catastrophes and tech news; however, no tech-related topics manage to make the list this year.  

No tech appearances in both the general and news searches is a little surprising as Apple products are usually very popular search topics with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 making the lists last year.

Sadly, the global top list of searches was dominated by a list of celebrities who died in 2018. Avicii, Mac Miller, Stan Lee, Anthony Bourdain, XXXTentacion, Stephen Hawking and Kate Spade all made the top 10.

Unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle and Black Panther also made the list.

Here is the top 10 global search list:

1) World Cup

2) Avicii

3) Mac Miller

4) Stan Lee

5) Black Panther

6) Meghan Markle

7) Anthony Bourdain

8) XXXTentacion

9) Stephen Hawking

10) Kate Spade


The UK’s most searched also consisted of the World Cup, Meghan Markle and Black Panther, amongst some other more British topical searches such as Roxanne Pallett and Ant McPartlin.

The royal wedding of course dominated the news events search category, and ‘I’m a Celebrity’ topped the TV Shows search.

Here is the UK’s Most Searched 2018:

1) World Cup

2) Meghan Markle

3) Royal Wedding

4) Black Panther

5) Roxanne Pallett

6) Fortnite

7) Demi Lovato

8) Ant McPartlin

9) A Star Is Born

10) Khloe Kardashian


Despite all the tragic events that have happened around the world this year, within the blog post by Google, Simon Rogers Data Editor at Google News Lab highlighted an interesting trend ‘People were searching for "good" more than ever.’

If you want to see all the different most search categories, check out Google’s Year in Search 2018.

Luke Stanley