Google’s latest major game changer


Google’s latest major game changer

Google updates their algorithm almost every single day but only makes major changes once or twice a year. This update that SEO’s are calling ‘Pigeon’ is one of them.

The new Google update which has only been released in the U.S at this point, provides a more useful, relevant and accurate local search result that will be closely linked to the traditional web search ranking signals. The Pigeon update will affect the Google Maps search results as well as the Google Local Organic search results.

The merging together of local and organic searches will help those websites that are currently ranking higher in the organic search results to rank higher for the local and maps results too (as they will be seen as the most relevant). Until now, there has been little proven correlation linking the local and organic algorithm.  

The main changes to the algorithms aren’t visible but it will have an impact on local search results and local businesses may see an increase or decrease in their website referrals, traffic and sales because of this change.

What Google have said about the latest update

Google has said the new changes to the local search algorithm links deeply with their web search capabilities, which includes hundreds of ranking factors they already use within their organic algorithm along with many other features.

They also added that this new algorithm will improve their distance and location ranking parameters.

The aim of this algorithm update is to deliver more useful and relevant results for searchers who are seeking local businesses. Google didn’t comment on how many search queries this will effect.

Avoid negative results

In the states there have already been many local businesses including real estate agents that have been affected by the update both positively and negatively.

Unfortunately Google didn’t mention anything about when they will be release the update in the UK, but you still should be prepared for the release of Google’s new update.

Ensure you put your name, address and placement on your website, it may seem obvious but many overlook this simple bit of information.

All you have to do is clearly display your business name, address and phone number on your website so it can be easily seen and found by Google’s crawlers.

You should also include this on all your directory listings and social media accounts, it is crucial you don’t have multiple addresses and phone numbers across the web as this may confuse Google. Also be sure that your Google Local Business listing is complete, accurate and descriptive.

It may be a few weeks or even months before Google rolls out this update but it is important that you are ready for it. 

Luke Stanley