Google Warns Users About Unsecure HTTP Web Pages


Google Warns Users About Unsecure HTTP Web Pages

Google has announced that they are implementing new efforts within their web browser to encourage site owners to move their websites to HTTPS.

Google has already tried to encourage site owners to switch to HTTPS by giving ranking boosts to websites that are HTTPS secure but have now decided that Google Chrome will also begin showing warning messages on non-HTTPS web pages that have search boxes or forms.

Google’s warning says that “Starting October 2017, Chrome will show the ‘Not secure’ warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page and for all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.”

The “Not Secure” warning will appear in the address bar before the URL when a user uses a search box or fills out a form on a HTTP web page.

Google wants to ensure that users are aware that HTTP web pages provide no data security.

So if your website has a search box or form and it isn’t secured by HTTPS, then you might want to make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS by October. 

Luke Stanley