Google teams up with Twitter to deliver real-time tweets


Google teams up with Twitter to deliver real-time tweets

Google and Twitter have teamed up once again to bring Twitter’s unique, real-time content to Google’s search engine results.

Users searching via Google will now see relevant tweets in their search engine results. At the moment, this feature is only available to US users within the Google app (iOS and Android) and the mobile web. However, a desktop web version will follow shortly and they have plans to bring this feature to more countries over the next few months.

This will mean whatever you search for in the future; Google will pull up recent tweets regarding the topic, meaning it has never been more important to get involved on Twitter to boost your SEO.

This move by Google will allow their search engine to get more real-time results into their search queries, whereas Twitter hopes it will help boost user engagement.

Google and Twitter had a similar arrangement dating back to 2009, but tweets disappeared from Google search results in 2011. Although they are the only search engine pushing for real-time results, Microsoft’s Bing already has a similar function that integrates Twitters tweets.

Google’s product manager Ardan Arac says “It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening, and it’s another way for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.”

This is not the first time tweets will be displayed on Google and it isn’t the first time since the formal deal ended back in 2011 either. Tweets have continued to be crawled and included in Google but this new deal has allowed for more tweets to be displayed within the search engine, as well as giving Google a deeper integration. 

Luke Stanley