Google Rolls Out New Sitelinks Carousel Format


Google Rolls Out New Sitelinks Carousel Format

After a year of testing, Google has now rolled out the new design for Sitelinks on mobile devices.

Sitelinks are additional links within Google’s search results where searchers can jump directly to the most important or relevant pages on your website. Sitelinks are very popular amongst searchers as they help them speed up the search process considerably.

For the last year Google has been testing a carousel format for Sitelinks within mobile search results to tidy things up and have now confirmed that it will now be rolled out to all Google users.

Here is a screenshot of what the new sitelinks look like:




From now on you will be able to easily swipe the sitelink carousel from left to right and back to reveal all the sitelink options from the site you are searching for.


Google testing auto-play videos in search results

You may have also noticed that Google are testing auto-play videos where they play videos within their search results.

The videos play in the knowledge panel, which Google say they are experimenting with new ways to improve the search experience.

At present, Google are only testing this feature for some movie/TV titles but it is possible that they could expand this to all videos related to searched phrases.

However, we don’t expect this new test feature to stick as virtually everyone finds auto-play videos annoying and as Google tend to keep search results more simple, this new feature definitely does fit in with that practice. 

Luke Stanley