Google rebrand


Google rebrand

Google has changed and evolved a lot over the past 17 years and don’t look like they will be stopping any time soon.

Yesterday Google unveiled their new “simple, uncluttered, colourful and friendly” logo which represents the best of Google.

Google has supposedly made this change to accommodate for the increase mobile usage. Google has stated that people these days are interacting with Google products across multiple platforms, apps and devices and Google need to be able to help them whenever and wherever they need it, no matter what device they are on.

This new logo and its many variations have been introduced to reflect their transition to a more flexible and mobile-friendly brand. The new logo will work better on the many different screen sizes their user’s use, which their old branding didn’t.

 The original logo and branding was built for a single desktop browser and has now been updated for a world of seamless computing across countless devices.  

As well as the full name logo, Google also plans on using four dots in blue, red, yellow and green and  saying goodbye to the little blue “g” icon and replacing it with the four-coloured “G” which matches the logo.

They have also added new elements like a colourful Google mic that will help you to identify and interact with Google whether you are talking, tapping or typing.

Google last updated its logo in September 2013 and have said this probably won’t be the last revamp but that it reflects all the ways Google works across Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome and all their other services.   

You may have already seen this new logo on the Search but Google are planning on rolling it out across all of their products very soon.

Here is a very cool video of how Google has evolved over the last 17 years: 

Luke Stanley