Google now warns against viruses


Google now warns against viruses

Google has now updated their security measures to ensure users don’t incur unwanted viruses. Google already warns you before you download harmful programs but they have now gone a step further and they now actually warn you before you visit a website that has these harmful downloads.

This new security measure is only available on Google Chrome. Google announced on their blog saying that their web browser Chrome "will show you a new warning before you visit a site that encourages downloads of unwanted software."

The warning will look like this –

 harmful download.jpg

Google has also taken this precaution to their search engine, they've said “Google Search now incorporates signals that identify such deceptive sites. This change reduces the chances you’ll visit these sites via our search results.” This looks like websites that offer such harmful downloads will be penalised much more harshly than before meaning they will be harder to find within the search results.

They may also be referring to the new hack classifier that Google added to their search which label websites with a ‘This site may be hacked’ label on the search results.  

Google also mentioned in their post that Adwords Ads have recently began to be disable ads that lead to websites with “unwanted software”.

Google recommend that all website owners register their websites with Google Webmaster tools. This will ensure you stay informed when Google finds something on your website that could lead to people downloading unwanted software. Google Webmaster tools will also provide helpful tips on how to resolve such issues. 

Luke Stanley