Google My Business New Photo Comparison Insight


Have you ever wondered how many people are viewing your photos on Google Maps compared to your competition? Well now you can find out easily.

Google My Business has added a new metric to the Insights section of your Google My Business account, stating “Insights are now available for photos. See how your photos perform compared with photos of businesses like yours.”  

This new metric allows you to compare how many views your Google Maps photos are getting versus how many your competitors get and you can see this via Google My Business insights.

Here is an example below:


From this new metric you can see that the blue line on the graph represents the views of your business photos and the red line represents the number of views for business like yours. Google then makes it easier for you by summarising how you are performing at the bottom with a percentage of how well or badly you are performing on average compared to the competition.

This new metric encourages you to “post more photos” to your Google My Business page if your account is being outperformed by your competition or to “Post more to stay ahead” if you are already gaining more views than your competition.  

Below this metric is another photo analysis which allows you to compare how many photos your business has compared to similar business, which again is likely to encourage you to post more photos if you are being outperformed.

If you are curious to see how many people are viewing your photos on Google, simply sign into Google My Business and click Insights on the primary navigation. 

Luke Stanley