Google confirms another Quality Update


Google confirms another Quality Update

It was believed that Google released a phantom update in May, and they have now confirmed this. The update is another quality update which helps Google to accesses contents quality and there were also changes to how they process quality signals.

It wasn’t technically a Panda update, but it was related to quality content.

With Google focusing more and more on quality content, it is vital that every estate agency website reviews their content to ensure it is up-to-scratch with Google’s quality guidelines.

Google’s Quality Guidelines

This is what Google regards as high quality content –

1) Be useful and informative

An Estate Agent website needs to include its location, opening hours, contact information, a blog for sharing upcoming events and industry news, their services and their property listings.

2) Be more valuable and useful than your competitors

Your content needs to be better and more informative, delivering more value than your competitors. Almost every estate agent will have a sells and lettings page; ensure your pages provide the readers with more value than your competitors.

3) Be credible

Your website should show that you are credible by showing off your credentials, testimonials, reviews and knowledge the best way you can.

4) Be unique

Your content should be unique to you, written in your own words, relevant and high quality. The content should be dedicated to your website and not used on any other website, such as Rightmove or partner sites.

Your content should be written naturally for your audience and not the search engines in order to give the user the best experience possible.

5) Give the user what they want

Bring life to your website by including multiple high quality images of the properties, detailed staff profiles with photos and big imagery on the homepage.

6) No errors

Your content should have no spelling or grammatical errors, no factual or technical errors.

7) High levels of engagement

You need to engage with your audience by interacting with them through regular blog updates, comments and social media widgets giving the user a chance to share or like properties, etc.  

8) Build trust

Building trust takes time and effort. By avoiding the follow you will increase trust and reputation:

  • Technical errors such as broken or misguided links.
  • Incorrect or dated information.
  • Grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • Spam within comments/reviews.  
  • Too much promotion/ads.  

Luke Stanley