Get the most from SEO


Get the most from SEO

To truly get the most out of your SEO you need to get involved. You don’t need to be an SEO expert but you should at least know the basics of what’s happening on your estate agency website. Your level of involvement can make a huge difference in how well your website performs in Google.

How to get the most from SEO

There is no single magic trick to SEO; success comes from many parts connected together. Google has hundreds of factors that analyse your website and rank you accordingly depending on your websites value.

Here are a few things Google values:

  • Usability – you need to have a clean, easy to use website that the search engines can read and understand.
  • Keyword placement – include keywords in prime locations to help Google identify what you are trying to optimise for.
  • Authority – your website needs to have good domain authority. You can gain authority with links from reliable websites. The best way to gain natural links is through blogging.
  • Content – you need to have original and fresh content throughout your website to convert visitors by using effective call-to-actions and positive reviews/testimonials as well as demonstrating your skills.
  •  Social presents – Social media exposure will help you to establish your brand and expand your reach.
  • Blogging – an active blog with valuable information will encourage users to return to your site as well as establish your expertise within the industry.

Every website should have these practices in place. Without them your website won’t achieve its full potential.

However keep in mind that even if you are implementing all SEO strategies, don’t expect overnight results. SEO is a slow process and will take a few months before you start seeing results.

Luke Stanley